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“Dr. Gavin!! Dr. Gavin!!” The shout echoed off the hills and rebounded back down the valley.

Dr. Gavin was at the top of what he was certain was an ancient Incan pyramid that lay buried under the jungle and the dirt that had accumulated over two thousand years or more.

Already the surface rocks that had been uncovered indicated a massive structure was just underneath. He had his crew cut a pathway through the thick green jungle underbrush to the top, and he was now looking down into the valley towards the dig area – and the bright lights surrounding it were peeking through the trees. A little fog was developing as the cool of night began to descend into the valley from the surrounding hills. It gave the dig area a surrealistic aura.

Gavin and his crew had uncovered an enormous skull and were slowly uncovering its main features so they could determine its true size. 

He shifted his gaze to the heavens above – the darkening sky of night was falling, and the stars were beginning to show themselves, blinking one at a time against a blue-black velvet sky. They were so bright that they looked like hundreds of sparkling diamonds. 

“Here!!” Gavin shouted – “I’m up here!! What do you have?!!”

“Six point seven feet – chin bone to top of skull – 6.7 feet!!!” came the loud reply, “Come quickly!”

“I’ll be right down!” Gavin shouted back. “I’ll be right there.”

Gavin turned to his assistant, Mark Hansford, assistant director of archeology at Salem University. “My God, Man!! 6.7 feet – do you know what that means?”

Mark nodded and wiped the sweat off his brow. “That means this guy has to be about 38-45 feet tall – the largest giant ever unearthed!”

Gavin nodded, knowing that the largest found was 36 feet, and the government came and took it away and confiscated all pictures, video, film and warned the excavating crew to remain totally silent and that the dig never happened. 

Gavin and Mark descended down the trail as fast as they could go, flashlights bouncing off the shrubs and thick Jungle growth. Ahead they could see the bright lights of the dig area coming into view once again as they rounded the last corner of the trail. Ahead was a scene right out of a science fiction novel – only it wasn’t science fiction – it was real. All too real.

Many of the ancient oral and written traditions of the elders told of real, literal giants that had built many of the ancient structures all across Mexico and South America. Huge stones, many weighing hundreds of tons, dressed and put together with accuracy that was not even available today, were employed to build these megalithic pyramids. Gavin suspected these ancient traditions were true, and if so, there should be burial sites for these giants – and they had found one.

As Gavin arrived at the edge of the excavation, he stopped cold in his tracks. He looked down at what was now clearly the face of a gigantic skull – laying in repose, half buried, and silently staring up at the stars that were now dotting the night sky. Somehow Gavin knew that this being had come from those stars a long time ago, in the fog of the ancient past.

The crew had dug down just part way – but the face part of the skull appeared to be well preserved and totally intact. Some of the crew was carefully brushing away the last vestiges of dirt from around the eyes, nose, and mouth area.

As Gavin gazed down at it, he wondered what this gigantic being’s life would have been like, thousands of years ago, many thousands now. Did these creatures actually train and ride dinosaurs as some ancient stone carvings he had seen claimed they did? The artifacts he was shown were stunning in their implications. The skull’s eerie silence spoke volumes as it stared into the night sky.

It reminded Gavin of an ancient artifact shaped like a small pyramid. It had the constellation of Orion on it, which could only be seen under infrared lighting. It had writing on it that said, “The Son Of God Returns.” It was all coming together in Gavin’s mind.

This find now proved these ancient tales were true, the ancient writings were correct, and there really were gigantic creatures that roamed the Earth over four thousand years ago, and that meant that the Genesis story in the Bible was true and that the ancient Book of Enoch was also correct. It was not that he doubted them, but now it could be confirmed. The ancient texts had been vindicated. Gavin smiled to himself. “This will cause a stir in academia if we can actually get it out of here”, he thought to himself.

As he gazed down at this gigantic skull, he realized that on the forehead was what appeared to be a third eye socket, identical to the normal eye position. Gavin was astonished. He turned to Mark and said, “That’s a third eye socket,” as he pointed. “Is this where the stories of the cyclops came from?”

Mark was silent. He nodded. “Our past history is so far different than anyone knows, and even those that do turn away from these truths and continue to lie to the world.”

Julie Wakes, one of the team, looked up at Gavin as she brushed the last of the dirt out of the huge left eye socket. Her blond hair reflected the harsh lights.

Julie was a University senior who had volunteered to go on this archeological dig for the summer with 20 other archeological students at Salem University.

She was smart, strong, and very determined to cut a pathway for her life, the life of adventure and discovery. Except this, this was a little too much. She wondered what her companions were thinking, but they remained silent, just staring at this monster. “What is this thing?” She sounded uneasy, almost frightened by it. “I mean, what have we found here?” The team looked at Gavin for an answer.

Gavin shook his head. “This proves,” he paused, “That the story of the giants in the Book of Genesis was true – and Enoch as well…” He paused again, looking for the right words.

“These creatures were real; half angel and half man according to them, a hybrid, a terrible hybrid. This will upset all the apple-carts of what we thought were ancient past events. This is utterly astounding!!”

“This confirms what the elders have told us, that the ancient tales of the giants building these step pyramids is most likely the reality of it.” Mark’s voice trailed off. Gavin nodded.

The crew circled around the skull, and everyone became very still – no one knew what to say or if they should say anything at all. The glow of the lights was reflecting eerily off the semi-white bones, and the three eye sockets became huge dark holes – and the teeth, double rowed – still intact, each one over a foot long and deadly.

There was a strange and strong sense of a presence there, sort of like they were all being watched. It was as though the eyes that were not even there followed them. The crew was uneasy, for here lay in stark and cold silence a creature that defied all imagination, and yet, it seemed almost that this thing, whatever it was, was there – alive somehow, staring at them from the cold, huge, and dark sockets that once were eyes. They almost expected to see it move, turn its head somehow.

Gavin broke the silence. “There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bear children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. Genesis Chapter Six. This day you have seen a total vindication of those words. It was all true, all of it!”  Gavin’s voice trailed off.

“Amen,” came a voice from one of the crew, and then they all said, “Amen.”

Gavin turned to Mark. “Let’s mark off fifty feet in an arc orientated as the skull lays – we’ll then start our dig there and work our way up; we should find his feet and legs – I think this skeleton is still totally intact. Maybe go 10 degrees off the center line to be safe, and then move some of the lights down there and let’s get as much done before we close shop as we can.”

Julie climbed out of the pit area and came slowly over to Gavin. “I have gone to church for years, but I never heard what you quoted from. Is that really in the Bible? I mean, does it really say that there were giants in the old days?” She stopped, looking at him with her questioning eyes

“I mean, this is almost too much for me.” She looked frightened and rattled. She was shaken to her core by the discovery, shaken by what it meant. She was horrified at the idea of these creatures. It was that it rearranged a whole lifetime of belief. She had to adjust. She had to process all of it. It would take time.

There was something foreboding here, some sort of a presence; she knew it but could not explain it. It gave her the creeps and touched her spirit in a way she could not describe, like a horror movie of some type.

Gavin put his arm around her. “There is nothing to fear here, Julie, nothing to fear; this is ancient history, long past, long past – but yes, it is true, all of it, and that means that the rest of the record is true as well, and that means there are other burial sites around here. You witnessed one of the greatest finds ever in modern history. You might want to read Genesis, especially Chapter Six. The Church today pays no attention to these sorts of things; that’s why you never heard any teachings from Genesis Six.”

“The skull, I mean, it is taller than I am.” Her voice goes silent as she stares down at it. “My God, how many of them were there?” She is very upset, shocked. She turns away, embarrassed at her reaction to it all – it was not until the whole front of the face was uncovered that she realized what this dig was really about. And what it really meant. She wipes her eyes and turns back to Gavin. “I’m sorry, I’m just overwhelmed by it all…” Gavin smiles at her. You are not alone; your partners in crime are just as shook up as you are. Look how quiet they have become.”

He waved towards the twenty students who were now together just staring at the skull. “Let’s talk about this around the campfire tonight, and let’s figure out what to do from here; you know, this will change all of history overnight.” 

“To answer your question, Julie, I don’t really know how many there were long ago because the records are incomplete, but Genesis implies there were quite a number of them. Genesis says they died in the flood that came upon the whole Earth. These beings were evil and cannibals. They ate humans. It was a different world back then, Julie; I doubt our gravity or atmosphere could support such large creatures today, although I have heard reports of giants being spotted that are 15-18 feet tall; they might be the remnants of them.” “Let’s break for supper!” Gavin shouted, “It’s time to eat.”

As they were eating and discussing how to handle the rest of the excavation, one of the crew noticed a light in the sky that appeared to be approaching them. It was quite bright and grew bigger. He pointed to it, and everyone looked at what appeared to be a UFO of some type.

“What is that?” Mark said.

Gavin responded with a bit of fear in his voice. “Oh, no, oh no! They have found us, they have found us, oh no, oh no…”

The light grew ever larger, but there was no sound at all. It was soon overhead, a huge triangular craft, so big it covered the entire valley and the hills surrounding the dig sight. It just hovered there. As they looked up, a beam of light shot down upon them.


John Moody was Gavin’s contact man in the small town not far from the dig site. He had lived down there for a number of years and traded in ancient artifacts. Gavin had met him on a much earlier dig, and they had got along just fine. He had found astounding artifacts with drawing on them showing giants riding on what appeared to be T-Rex-looking dinosaurs. He had shared them with Gavin and Doc.

He had gotten an email message from Doctor Danielson for Gavin to call him if they had found anything, so John jumped into his jeep and was winding his way towards the dig site when he thought he saw a huge triangular-shaped ship pass overhead at a very high rate of speed, climbing rapidly as it went by – so fast he could not really make sure what he had seen as it passed by overhead. He stopped and looked in the direction he thought it was going, only he could not see anything at all.

He wound his way through the dirt road and finally arrived at the site where the crew was camping by the dig. It was deserted. No one was there. The evening campfires were still burning, and the coffee was still on the stones, still hot. Plates of food half-eaten were left scattered here and there. However, the entire crew was gone, all of them. John shouted for Gavin. He shouted for Mark. There was no reply. He ran towards the excavation site, only now it was much larger than what he had seen several days before.

The dig was now much deeper, wider, and longer; he guessed over 100 feet long, 40 feet wide, and 10 feet or deeper, it was carved out with precision, and nothing was there. The last he had heard from Gavin was that only the skull had been partially unearthed. But now there was just a huge trench with nothing in it.

Absolutely nothing was there. It was like something had taken the excavation, carved it out, dirt and all, and taken it away. Something really strange had just happened.

He became upset and began to sweat. He shouted as loud as he could in all directions but got no reply. He decided to return to town to see if he had missed them anywhere. He drove as fast as he dared down the winding dirt road. The moon was bouncing off the jeep hood as it flashed between the trees.

It seemed forever, but finally, he got to town and found out that none of the crew had been seen there. No one had seen Gavin or any of his crew. John now became very upset – he shouted for the men of the village to come and search with him for the missing crew. 

The town folks searched for several days but found nothing, nothing at all. Gavin and his crew had simply vanished into thin air. No explanation had ever been given, although when Dr. Danielson got the news, he began to search high and low to find out what happened. He met with an immediate clampdown on information. No one knew anything at all. Nothing had happened.

No one officially knew anything, but Doc knew otherwise. He suspected that the Government had been monitoring Gavin and his crew. It would not be the first time that giant skeletons had vanished into thin air. Someone did not want the real truth of our ancient past known to the world. He suspected they did not want the Bible stories of literal giants walking the Earth to be verified, for then the rest of the Scripture might be true as well. The “controllers” of news did not want any such information to be revealed to the general public.

After all, from grade school to university level, evolution was truth, that was that. Somehow ancient records did not fit in with modern teachings, so anything found that contradicted the “official line” had to be buried, denied, and destroyed. And so it was, A LIE vs. THE TRUTH.

Doc knew all about these attempts to deny ancient findings and had been a victim himself. He was ridiculed and mocked for his views, but he knew what the real truth was, and so stood his ground, no matter what the cost.

It was going to be via a very strange twist of fate that a young Danny Doogle and his friends would solve the mystery of Gavin and his entire crew and stumble into one of the most bizarre hidden secrets of all history. They say that the real truth is always stranger than fiction, and so it is.